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      • 安徽
      • 北京
      • 重慶
      • 福建
      • 廣東
      • 甘肅
      • 黑龍江
      • 湖北
      • 河南
      • 湖南
      • 河北
      • 吉林
      • 江蘇
      • 江西
      • 遼寧
      • 內蒙古
      • 上海
      • 山西
      • 山東
      • 四川
      • 陜西
      • 天津
      • 新疆
      • 云南
      • 浙江
      • 哈爾濱

      • 長春

      • 沈陽

      • 大連

      • 北京

      • 天津

      • 石家莊

      • 內蒙古

      • 新疆

      • 太原

      • 濟南

      • 青島

      • 鄭州

      • 蘭州

      • 西安

      • 南京

      • 武漢

      • 重慶

      • 成都

      • 上海

      • 杭州

      • 南昌

      • 福州

      • 廈門

      • 長沙

      • 廣州

      • 深圳

      • 南寧



      我想讀: 中學 本科 研究生 專升碩

      我想看: 留學活動 精英招聘 澳際新聞 精彩專題 大學排名 留學費用 Offer榜 專家博文 錄取條件 院校中心 名師在線 留學工具

      2018/06/09 澳際教育 編輯:郭洪娟 英國 瀏覽次數:5735

      2019年QS世界大學排名正式出爐: 紐卡斯爾大學躋身Top150! 從去年世界排名161位升至今年第141位! ????此外, 紐卡斯爾大學在1011所高校中列位第119名, 被評為培養最優秀畢業生的院校! ???? P.S. 6周語言課目前還可以報名,截止日期18年7月2日。


      JOIN OUR ONLINE PRE-DEPARTURE SESSIONS We hope you can join us for one or more of our online Pre-Departure Sessions, over the coming months. These sessions are created especially for new Business School Master's students starting in September 2018. Find out more about what you need to do now to make a smooth transition from offer holder to registered student. Learn about important dates, course structure, teaching timetable and teaching breaks, what to bring with you, orientation and arrival information, and Careers Service support. Ask as many questions as you like throughout the sessions! We're here to help you with any details you need, and you will also have the chance to hear from other new students as well. ONLINE SESSIONS YOU CAN JOIN Pre-Departure Session 1: First Steps Thursday 07 June 2018, 15:00 UK time Learn about: How to respond to your offer; University documents you will receive; CAS and study visa (International students only); accommodation; scholarship and funding opportunities. Pre-Departure Session 2: Before you Depart Wednesday 04 July 2018, 15:00 UK time Learn about: What to do next; important dates for your diary; key programme information; Business School facilities; what to bring with you. Pre-Departure Session 3: Arrival Thursday 02 August 2018, 15:00 UK time Learn about: Arriving into Newcastle; on-campus registration; orientation and arrival activities; Newcastle the city; Careers Service support. REGISTER FOR THESE SESSIONS Visit our booking page Select the chats you want to attend Complete the registration form and click "Register" If you can't attend at the session time, you can still register to receive the session recordings afterwards. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT After registering, you will receive instructions about how to join the sessions. We look forward to meeting you online soon!



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